I was thrilled to see the recent New York Post article The Next “new” Hamptons that many vacationers overlook by Troy McMullen.  It reflects my constant commentary that people are nuts to spend so much money to live or rent in the Hamptons when you have the CT Gold Coast.  You have gorgeous homes, fabulous beaches, excellent restaurants, shopping and all of the high end social scene one can desire.   All for a fraction of the price.

And, most importantly, the commute from the City is much easier.  Either grab a train or take one of 2 interstate highways and you are relaxing before you know it.  The never ending commute to the Hamptons is just too much.

If you are lucky enough to call one of the CT Gold Coast towns home, you will be privy to lower real estate taxes and excellent schools.

So, I have decided to rededicate my blog to showcase the fantastic homes and towns of the CT Gold Coast which easily rival those of the Hamptons.  In short, I hope to educate the buyers and renters out there about our little slice of heaven called the CT Gold Coast.

Here is a link to the article for your enjoyment:  http://nypost.com/2015/07/01/why-coastal-connecticut-is-the-next-new-hamptons/